We all need someone else to read what we write because we see what we intended to say, not what is actually on the page. A reader who is new to the text can find typos and ensure that your writing is clear and understandable. For example, a fresh set of eyes can see typos that ‘Spellcheck’ misses such as: ‘We looked out form our window.’

And sometimes you need a human instead of a machine to be sure your writing makes sense. Take this sentence for example: ‘In addition, I also went there, too.’ An editor will try to determine what you actually mean and will help you say it succinctly. An editor might change the sentence to “I also went there” or “I went there, too.” Another example: If you type an invoice and write that your rate is $70/hour at the top of the page but mistakenly put your rate as $60/hour at the bottom, an editor will fix the inconsistency.

Everyone has problems with written English because English is just plain quirky. For example, every rule has at least one exception: ‘I’ before ‘E’ [niece] except after ‘C’ [receipt], or when sounding like ‘A’ as in ‘neighbor’ and ‘weight.’ And in this case, English has an exception to its own exception, and that is really ‘weird’!

The bottom line: You are busy with competing priorities and demands on your attention. ExpertEditor will focus on your writing and make YOU look better.