As the customer, you design how you want the work to proceed—through e-mail, over the telephone, or in person (depending on geography, of course).

Usually, I receive a customer’s written work over e-mail, or review their Website on the Internet. Then, I edit it online in Microsoft Word or PDF, showing tracked changes and comments that you can accept or reject. Alternatively, I can print your submission and write standard proofreading marks to show corrections and suggestions. I am always happy to answer questions or discuss an editing suggestion.

If you send me a sample of your work, I will do a 15-minute editing trial on it and return it to you. That way, you can see the sort of suggestions I make, and I can give you a better estimate of how long it will take me to finish the project, and how much I will charge. 

Most projects can be completed within one day to one week, depending on their length and complexity. Dissertations and books take more time. You and I can agree on a delivery date when the parameters of your project are clear.

Rush projects: Please plan ahead to avoid problems and rush charges. I will reserve time for your project if you give me an estimate of when you will submit it.